Tibetan texts concerning Khotan.

= ID : D68S06030
Date : 1967年
Item Type : book
Page : xiii,
Page*name : xiii, 160 pp.
Publisher*name : "London: Oxford Univ. Pr."
Series : "School of Oriental & African Studies, Univ. of London. London Oriental Ser., Vol. 19"
Title : Tibetan texts concerning Khotan.
Writing System : euro
→creator : Emmerick, R. E. (au) ed. (au) tr.(au)
→review : Stein, R. A.(au) (review) Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 31, 2, pp.416-419, 1968年 Daffinà, Paolo(au) (review) Rivista degli Studi Orientali 43, 2, pp.229-234, 1968年
→subject : Inscription and Palaeography/ Palaeography
*source-file : D1968.xml

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